Inserting a personalization field into a link

You add personalization fields to links as link parameters.


  1. In the Deliver Message Editor, edit the hyperlink using any of the following methods.
    • Drag the hyperlink widget into a zone.
    • Right-click the zone, select Add content > Hyperlink.
    • Right-click an existing link, select Edit content.
    • Use the embedded graphical HTML editor to edit links in the static portion of the template.
  2. In the Hyperlink window, click the Link tab and select Url.
  3. In the URL for the link, place the cursor in the link parameters (after the ? character) that follow the domain name and file path.
  4. Press Ctrl+spacebar or click the Insert Personalization Field icon Insert Personalization Field icon.

    The Message Editor displays a list of available personalization fields.

  5. Select the personalization field that you want to insert.


The personalization field is added to the link at the point where you inserted the cursor as a link parameter.