Personalization fields in WhatsApp

You can add personalization fields to WhatsApp messages and these are transmitted as name:value pairs to WhatsApp Service provider.

In the WhatsApp communication that is referenced to the messaging, the Message Designer adds personalization fields in the WhatsApp communication. The personalization field displays name in the communication which must exactly match the display name that is defined in the recipient list (OLT or Web Service Call).

When you run the messaging, the system replaces each personalization field with data from your marketing database. Each WhatsApp message can be unique because the WhatsApp content is determined by the unique information that your marketing database provides about the recipient.

The OLT or transactional web service call must provide all of the personalization information that is required by the WhatsApp communication. To establish the required connection between the list and the communication, you must reference the OLT and the communication to the same Deliver messaging. Every standard Deliver messaging must reference a WhatsApp communication and an OLT.