Creating multiple email subject lines in the Rules Spreadsheet

The Rules Spreadsheet defines specific subject rows where you can add, conditionalize, and manage multiple subject lines. Use the spreadsheet to manage conditional subject lines and conditional content in zones from a single interface.


  1. Open the Rules Spreadsheet in View by Zone mode.

    The spreadsheet opens with at least one subject row available for editing.

  2. Enter subject line text.

    Right click in the Content field and select Edit Content to display a text editor. Enter or paste text to create each subject line. Click Insert personalization field icon to insert a personalization field at the current cursor position. You can add text only. You cannot add HTML content or images.

    Note: You cannot paste content from a non-subject row into a subject row.
  3. Add subject rows.

    Copy an existing subject row, right-click, and select either Paste or Insert Copied Cells (above) to create another row. You can add up to a total of 10 subject rows. Each row is a separate email subject line. Enter or modify subject text in each row.

    You can delete a subject line by deleting its row. Deleting all the subject line rows clears the Subject field in the email header.

  4. Apply personalization rules to subject lines.

    For each subject line that you want to conditionalize, right-click in the Rule field to access the Rule Editor or the Inline Rule Editor. Define a personalization rule to specify the conditions that must be true to display the text as the email subject.

  5. Specify the evaluation order.

    Deliver evaluates subject lines and associated personalization rules from top to bottom. To specify the evaluation order, move rows up and down in the spreadsheet. When you send this email message as part of a mailing, the system displays the subject line linked to the first rule that is true.

    Blank rules are always true. To create an email subject line that displays when none of the conditions are true, enter one subject line without a personalization rule.

  6. Validate changes.

    When you use the Rules Spreadsheet to add or update a subject line, it must pass rule validation, even if you do not define a rule. Click Validate.

  7. Click OK to save.


After you define more than one subject line, the Multiple link displays next to the Subject field. To update the multiple subject lines, you can click the link to open the Subject lines variation window, where you can view and make changes.