Viewing zone contents

The Message Editor identifies each zone in the document with a separate pushpin icon. Each pushpin provides a point of access for information about the zone, the zone contents, and options available for the zone. You can also view a list of all zones and zone contents in the Rules Spreadsheet.

A zone pushpin always aligns with the top of the zone. Information about the contents of the zone is displayed when you hold the mouse cursor over the pushpin. If the zone contains multiple content elements, the pushpin label identifies the number of content elements in the zone and which content element is displayed. Use arrows on the pushpin to select and display each of the content elements available in the zone. A tooltip presents a small thumbnail of the next or previous content in the list of content contained in the zone.

The zone pushpin provides various double-click and right click options to view, edit, and manage zone contents. You can also define and apply personalization rules to each content element in the zone.

The Rules Spreadsheet provides a list of all of the zones defined in the document and lists each content element contained in each zone. In the spreadsheet, you can preview each content element, add or delete content elements, view, create, and edit personalization rules for each content element, and locate each zone in the document. You can also sort the list of zones and zone contents.