Finding communications or content

Use the search function to run a keyword search to find communications, assets, or reference labels in the Content Library. You can preserve the search results as a saved search.

About this task

The objects that are found by the search display as a single list of links. To view the results in folders that distinguish communications from assets, save the search. The saved search displays the results in a folder hierarchy in the left navigation pane of the Saved Searches tab.

Note: The folders on the Saved Searches tab separate the results into communications and content. They do not replicate the folders and subfolders on the Communications and Content Library tabs.

You can find objects to which have at least Read access.


  1. At the top of the navigation pane, click Search for objects Magnifying glass image.
  2. Enter the search parameters in the Properties window.

    If you intend to save the search, enter a name in the Saved search name section.

  3. Click Search to begin the search.
    The search results display in the Results window.
  4. To save the search, click Save Changes Diskette image.

    To view the saved search as a folder hierarchy, click Refresh Circular arrow image.