Finding where reference labels are used

You can use the same content reference in multiple templates or HTML snippets. Finding which templates and content elements refer to a reference label can be essential to determining the impact of reference label changes on email and landing page documents that have been created in the Message Editor.

About this task

You can find templates and snippets that contain a particular content reference label in the configuration of digital asset that uses the reference label. For example, if you have created an HTML snippet to provide a product description that appears in multiple email templates, you can find each template that refers to the snippet. If you need to change the description, finding which templates refer to the snippet can help you determine the impact of the change.


  1. In the Content Library, locate a digital asset that uses the reference label.

    If you do not know which assets use the reference label, you can click Search for objects Magnifying glass image at the top of the navigation pane to perform a keyword search. Reference labels are identified in a separate column in the results.

    Do either of the following.

    • Open the digital asset for editing.
    • Right click the listing for the asset in the Content Library folder hierarchy.
  2. Click Find Label References Window with magnifying glass image .

    The Content References tab displays a list of templates and snippets that reference the asset through the reference label that has been defined in the asset properties.

  3. To view nested references, you can right-click an asset listed on the Content References tab to view other assets that refer to asset that you selected in the list.

    In the Content References tab, right-click in any of the column headings and select Columns > Reference Label to display the Reference Label column. For each asset in the list, the Reference Label column identifies the content reference label, if any, that has been defined for the asset.