Changing the content referenced by a reference label

Content reference labels can reference only one asset at a time. However, you can update a reference label to reference a different asset by moving the reference label name to the other asset. Reassigning a reference label name gives you the ability to update multiple email and landing page communications simultaneously.

About this task

For example, to insert an image of the product logo into email by reference you might apply the reference label name ProductLogo to the uploaded image. If the product logo changes, you can quickly update all templates, snippets, and scripts that reference the old logo. Upload the new logo to the Content Library and add ProductLogo to the new image.

Changes that you make affect any document that points to the content reference label you are changing. All documents display the new content element to which you are adding the reference label. Consider the implications of such a change carefully.

Note: Communications that are already published do not automatically reflect changes to content reference labels they contain. To update published communications, you must republish the communication.


  1. Open the digital asset to which you want to switch the reference label name.
  2. In the Reference Label field, enter the name of the existing reference label that you want to apply.

    The system displays a warning that the reference label is used by another content element and that continuing affects any documents that include it. In this case, because you do want to change the asset that is associated with the label, continue to edit the label name.

  3. Click OK to continue.

    The label now references the new asset. The reference label is removed from the digital asset to which it was previously applied.


To see the content change in documents that contain a reference to the updated label, you must publish each document.

The new content displays when you open an email or landing page that includes a reference to the updated label. If the email or landing page is open, you must close and reopen it to see the change.