HTML attributes for content added by reference

When you add images by reference, you can define other HTML attributes in the <UAEreferenceLabel> tag to control the appearance of the image in the communication. However, the <UAEreferenceLabel> tag does not support defining HTML attributes for snippets that you add by reference.

The <UAEreferenceLabel> tag supports the style attribute and all HTML attributes that are valid for images, including height, width, and alt. To more reliably render images in all email clients and browsers, define height, width, and border as elements of the style attribute.

For example, to reference a JPG image from the Content Library that measures 100 pixels by 200 pixels, insert the <UAEreferenceLabel> tag into the communication template, as follows.

<UAEreferenceLabel n="RewardGold" style="height:100px;width:200px;border:1px DarkBlue solid" alt="Rewards for our best customers"/>

In this example, RewardGold is the reference label that you defined in the Content Library for the image. The height and width elements determine the image size. Defining text for the alt attribute provides a message that displays if the receiving email client is configured to turn images off.