Adding content references to communications and scripts

To add content to an email or landing page by reference, add the custom <UAEreferenceLabel> tag to the HTML code in a template or HTML snippet. You can also insert the tag into the code for advanced scripts for email when you add a script to a template.

About this task

The <UAEreferenceLabel> tag takes the name of a content reference label name as an attribute, with the syntax <UAEreferenceLabel n="reference label name"/>. You add the content reference tag to the template or snippet where the referenced content is to be added. However, you define the reference label name in the configuration of the digital asset that is being referenced.

Note: Although Deliver supports reference labels in HTML snippets, it does not support content references in text blocks.


  1. Open the template, snippet, or script for editing.

    Use any external HTML or text editor to add the reference label before you upload a snippet or template to the Content Library. After you upload a snippet or template, use the various editors available in the Message Editor to add or edit a reference label tag.

  2. Insert <UAEreferenceLabel n="reference label name"/> where you want the content element to display. Replace "reference label name" with the name of the reference label that is assigned to the digital asset that you want to reference. The reference label name in the <UAEreferenceLabel> tag must exactly match the reference label name that is specified in the configuration of the asset that you reference.