Permanently removing items and folders

In the Recycle Bin, you can permanently delete items and folders, including subfolders. Before you delete the item, the system confirms that the item is not referenced by another item.

About this task

Permanently deleting an item cannot be reversed. You cannot recover the asset, communication, or folder after you permanently delete it.

When you permanently delete an asset or folder, the system determines whether the asset is used or referenced by a communication. If you permanently delete a folder, the system evaluates every asset in the folder, including any subfolders. For example, when you permanently delete an HTML template, the Communication Editor searches the entire system to determine whether a communication references the template.

By default, the system prevents permanently deleting items that are used in a communication and communications that are used in SMS broadcast.


  1. In the Recycle Bin, right-click the item and select Permanently Delete.
    The system prompts you to confirm the deletion.
    If the system cannot delete the item or communication because it is in use, hover over the error message to view a tooltip that identifies the communication or notification that uses the item or communication that you want to delete.

    To force deletion of content that is used or referenced by a communication, clear the option that prevents deleting content that is in use.

  2. Click OK.


The item no longer displays the Recycle Bin.

To permanently remove all items from the Recycle Bin, click Empty Recycle Bin.