Inserting personalization fields into text fields

In some cases, you might want to add a personalization field in a text field. For example, you can add a personalization field to a field in the email header.

About this task

Use the following procedure to insert personalization fields into text fields,

If you are combining the personalization field with text in the field, place the cursor in the text where you want the information from the personalization field to display.


  1. In the Deliver Message Editor, select either of the following methods to insert a personalization field.
    • In an Email Header field, place the cursor in the field and press Ctrl+spacebar or click the Insert Personalization Field icon Insert Personalization Field icon.
    • Open the text field for editing in the graphical HTML editor provided by the Message Editor. Place the cursor where you want to place the field. In the toolbar, click the Insert personalization field icon Insert personalization field icon for graphical editor.
    The Message Editor displays a list of available personalization fields.
  2. Select the personalization field that you want to insert.


The name of the personalization field appears in the field or text block when you add the field.