What the Content Library contains

The Content Library contains content elements for images, text, PDF documents, video, HTML snippets, and, communication templates that digital marketers require to create personalized email, SMS, WhatsApp, and landing pages. Within a folder hierarchy, content elements are identified by type (with icons) and by content element name.

Note: In the Content Library tree, you must double-click the icon or name of a content element to open it.

You can configure content elements to contain the following types of assets.

  • Images
  • Text
  • Video
  • PDFs
  • HTML snippets
  • Templates

The table lists the navigation and editing controls available in the Content Library tab.

Display Name Function

Yellow star with plus sign image

Create new content

Click to create a content element.

Manila folder with plus sign image

New Folder

Click to create a new top-level folder.

Circular arrow image

Refresh objects

Updates the local Message Editor with information from the hosted server.

Magnifying glass image


Opens an editor for search where you can enter search parameters and save the search.

Rectangle with horizontal lines: template


Identifies an HTML content element that is used as a communication template. In the content element configuration, Is template must be selected.

Rectangle with image: non-template

Non-template content that contains a single asset.

A content element that contains a single image, text block, or HTML snippets.

Rectangle with stacked squares: dynamic content

Non-template content that contains multiple assets.

A content element that contains multiple images, text blocks, or HTML snippets. The content element configuration also specifies a personalization field that acts as a variation field. The value of the variation field determines with of the attached assets displays for a particular email recipient or landing page visitor.