Adding content to the library

To add digital assets (templates, images, text, PDFs, video, and HTML snippets) to the Content Library, you must create a content element in a Content Library folder. Associate each uploaded file with a content element and configure the content element properties that determine how the contents of the file are used in various communications. You can configure a content element to provide a single piece of content or multiple content variations.

About this task

Unless you create other folders in the Content Library, new content elements are always added in the Default folder. You can create other folders and subfolders to help organize and control access to the content that you add to the library. When you add a content element to the Content Library, you can choose the folder where the new content is saved. The name that you give to each content element must be unique within the folder where it is saved.

Access to a content element is determined by the security policy that is applied to the folder where the content element is saved.

The table lists the various methods that you can use to add content to the Content Library.

Method More information
Create single content. Configuring content that provides a single content variation
Create multiple content variations. Configuring content with multiple variations
Create text and HTML content when you edit a content element. Source files that are created within the Content Library
Create a content element when you edit a communication. Adding content to the library while you edit a communication