Viewing and editing content variations in communications

When you open a communication that contains multiple content variations, the Message Editor toolbar indicates which variation field is currently enabled in the communication and it lists the variation values available for the field. Selecting a different variation value simultaneously changes the variation value for every content element in the communication that uses the variation field. Content elements configured to use other variation fields display their default variations.

About this task

The table lists how you can use the variation field selector to view and edit variations that are present in the communication.

Variation field selector functions

Task What to do

View the variation fields available in the communication.

In the toolbar click View < name of the field >. A screen displays the list of variation fields available in the communication. The list indicates the content elements that specify the field as the variation field. Only one of the fields can be enabled at a time in the communication.

Change which variation field is enabled in the communication.

View the list of available variation fields. In the Enable column, select the variation field to enable it for the communication.

To view the list of variation values that are available for the enabled variation field.

The list of available values appears in a drop-down list next to the variation field name in the toolbar. Select a value from the list.

To view the different versions of the communication.

Change the variation value.

To change the parts of the communication that vary.

Select a different variation field.

To add a variation field.

Add a content element to the communication that uses a different variation field. Save and publish the communication to make the new field available in the editor.