Organization guidelines for content and communications

The Communications tab and Content Library contain multiple folders to contain and organize all of the email, landing pages, SMS communications, WhatsApp and supporting content that you and others create. You can create multiple folders and arrange the them in a hierarchy. You can also control access to each folder through security policies, if you have permissions to create folders. Security policies also control your ability to move and delete folders and their contents.

Note: You assign a security policy when you create a top-level folder and the policy cannot be changed after you save the folder. The policy that you assign applies to all subfolders that you create within the top-level folder.

Default folders

The first time you open the Message Editor, the Communications tab opens with two default folders named Email and Landing Pages. You are not required to use these folders. You can create new folders to suit your requirements and practices.

Drag and drop folders

You can reorganize the communications hierarchy by dragging and dropping folders within the Communications tab. You can quickly create a multi-level hierarchy. Creating a hierarchy can be useful as the number of email and landing page communications increases over time.

Select a folder location as a property of the communication

When you display folder properties, you can select a folder location.

Naming conventions

Because many users can access the Message Editor, Unica suggests that you establish naming conventions for communications that define email, landing pages, and online forms.