Requirements for connecting to content on a web server

The web server that provides external content to an email or landing page can be installed anywhere outside of HCL Unica. Unica does not host a web server to support content connections. The server does not need to be installed in your local HCL Unica environment. To ensure that the system can consistently retrieve content that is stored on a web server, the server must meet certain requirements.

Deliver must be able to access the server automatically. The web server must be able to respond to the connection request within 10 seconds.

Deliver downloads files from the web server over an HTTP connection, not over HTTPS. Downloads from a web server to a content connection are not encrypted. If you require download over a secure connection, you must upload content to the hosted FTP server.

The names of the files on the server must exactly match the file name that is specified in the content connection. If you rename a source file on the web server, you must update the file name in the corresponding content connection.