Adding content from the hosted FTP server to a zone

You can use the Content Connector to connect an email message to HTML and text content that is stored on an FTP server that is hosted by Unica. However, you cannot connect a landing page to content that is saved on the FTP server.


  1. In a communication, drag the Content Connector widget Content Connector into the zone or right-click the zone and select Content Connector.
    The Content Connection window opens.
  2. Specify the content source. Select Uploaded file.
    This setting instructs the system to automatically retrieve content from the hosted FTP server over a secure connection according to the retrieval setting.
  3. Specify when to retrieve the content and add it to the communication.
    1. To retrieve content each time that you publish the communication, select When the message is published.
    2. To retrieve content when you send the email, select When the message is sent.
  4. If you are adding a connection to an email message that contains a View As Web Page link, indicate whether to include or exclude the external content in the web page version of the message.
    If you include the external content, the connection retrieves the content only when you publish the email communication. If the content changes, you must publish email communication again to retrieve the latest version
  5. To see how the connected content will appear in the communication, click Preview.
    The Preview tab opens to display a sample of the connected content.
  6. Click OK to save the changes and add the content connection to the zone.