Where Deliver saves link tracking and response data

Deliver stores link tracking and link response data in the Deliver system tables. The system tables are installed as part of the Campaign schema in your local installation. Deliver components that are installed with Campaign periodically download the link click data to the local Deliver tracking tables.

The link contact tracking data is stored in the UCC_ContainerURL table. The data describes the trackable links that the system finds in each message and in hosted landing pages that are linked to the message.

Link response information is stored in the UCC_Response table. The information identifies each link individually so that you can determine which link the recipient responded to.

Link attribute information is stored in the UCC_ResponseAttr table. The attribute data indicates whether the link clicks originated in an email message or in a hosted landing page.

For more information about the link tracking and response information available in the Deliver system tables, see the Unica Deliver System Tables and Data Dictionary.