Link tracking overview

Unica Deliver tracks links whose URL starts with http:// or https://. When you publish an email or landing page communication, Deliver evaluates each communication to identify the links that must be tracked.

In HTML email and in hosted landing pages, Deliver tracks link URLs found in <a> and <area> tags. In text-only email, the system tracks link URLs that are enclosed in square brackets [ ] or by white space.

The diagram illustrates how Deliver tracks links and collects link tracking data.


Deliver assembles a message or displays a hosted landing page.

The system replaces each tracked link URL with a redirect link URL. The rebuilt link points to the hosted email environment.

URL parameters in the rebuilt link identify each link, specify the original link target, and provide link tracking elements that are used to generate link tracking reports.

2 The system sends messages to the message recipients that are designated in the recipient list.

Message recipients or landing page visitors click links in the message or page. The hosted messaging environment receives and records each link request and associated tracking data.


After it records the link click data, the system redirects the request to the original link target.


The system stores the data in the hosted environment until Deliver components that are locally installed with Unica Campaign request the data.


The system stores the link response data in the Deliver tracking tables. The tracking tables are part of the Deliver system tables that are installed on your local network as part of the Unica Campaign schema.