Links to and from landing pages

Deliver tracks links to and from landing pages that are hosted by Unica in the same way that it tracks links in personalized email messages.

The system captures tracking data for links that are related to landing pages, as follows.

  • Links in personalized email that point to landing pages hosted by Unica
  • Links in landing pages that are hosted by Unica that point to other hosted landing pages
  • Links in hosted landing pages that point to external web pages not hosted by Unica
Note: To track links that are contained in a landing page, you must publish the landing page.

Deliver components that are installed locally with Campaign periodically download link tracking data and add it to the Deliver system tables in the Campaign schema. By default, Campaign downloads link response data from HCL Unica every 5 minutes.

By default, links that display within email messages and within hosted landing pages expire after 90 days and the system stops recording link responses. However, the links from the email to the hosted landing pages do not expire.