Format options for social sharing links

Social sharing links appear as a series of adjacent buttons in an email message. You control the size, orientation, and spacing of the links by configuring button options in the Share widget. The Share widget provides default images and formatting, but you can customize the links to suit the design of your message.

Each link to a social network appears as a button. You can arrange the share buttons vertically or horizontally and configure the button spacing.

You can specify custom images for each button. If you specify a custom image, you must specify the source of the image. You can either select images that are stored on a website or select images that are stored in the Content Library.

The size of each share link buttons is individually configurable. You can configure the link buttons to all be the same size or you can specify different dimensions for each link. For example, if you use custom images for the links, each image might require a specific button size to avoid distorting the images.

When you define button dimensions, the system asks that you to confirm each entry and each change. You can configure the system to remember your editing decisions by setting editing preferences. Use the Editor preferences link in the Message Editor toolbar to make your choice.