Short links

Short links are concise placeholders that replace full length hyperlinks in message formats that limit how many characters you can use in a message. Each short links consists of a short link domain and a unique link identifier.

For example, when recipients share your message on social networks, a short link to the web page version can avoid exceeding character limits on Twitter. A full length hyperlink, especially links in Deliver that include tracking parameters, can easily exceed the character limit for a tweet.

A typical full length hyperlink might appear as follows when the system converts the link to a branded URL and applies link tracking parameters.

(91 characters)

As a short link, the same link might appear in the message as follows.

(25 characters)

In this example, is the email domain and is the short link domain.

When you add a short link to a communication, you specify a target URL and the short link domain that you want to use. The following guidelines apply to working with short links.

  • You can request multiple short link domains for your hosted messaging account.
  • You can add multiple short links to a communication.
  • You can use only one short link domain in each communication.

The system populates drop-down lists with the short link domains that are configured for your hosted email account. To select the short link domain, select one of the domains on the list. You cannot enter a short link by manually entering the link into a communication.