Format options for controlling link appearance and behavior

You can format hyperlinks in messages and hosted landing pages to control how the links appear and where the target of the link opens. However, Deliver imposes specific link format requirements. The methods that are available to format the link depend on how you add the link to the message or landing page.

If you add a hyperlink directly to the HTML code of a template or snippet, you must use inline styles and attributes to format the link. Because messages and landing pages open individually in an email client, web browser, or mobile app, you cannot rely on .css to style the links.

Deliver supports applying valid HTML attributes to format the <a> tag that defines a link. Use the target attribute to control where the link target displays. Use the style attribute to control how the link displays in the message or landing page.

If you use the hyperlink widget to add a link to a zone that is defined in an HTML template, the template formatting controls the appearance of the link. The hyperlink widget provides a way to override the template formatting.

Note: Hyperlinks in text-only versions of email messages display as plain text.