Embedding links into HTML templates and snippets

To embed a hyperlink into an HTML template or HTML snippet, enter the link directly into the HTML code. Use inline styles to specify link appearance and behavior.


  1. Open the template or snippet in a text or HTML editor. You can use the embedded HTML editor in the Message Editor.
  2. Use an anchor <a> tag to insert a hyperlink. Define the value for the href attribute. Enter the full URL for the target of the link. You must include the http:// or https:// prefix.
  3. In the <a> tag, define attributes that control how the link appears and where the target of the link appears. Typical attributes include the following:

    title provides a mouseover for the link.

    target specifies where to display the target of the link

    style controls how the link displays in the message or landing page

  4. Specify the body of the link.
    • For a text link, enter the text as you want it to appear in the message or landing page.
    • For a link that displays as an image, configure an <img> tag.

      For example, <a href="http://www.example.com/offers"><img src=http://www.example.com/images/image1.jpg" alt="example"></a>

  5. Save the changes in the editor.

What to do next

To test the appearance and behavior of the link, open a communication in the Message Editor that contains the template or snippet.

Click Preview in the Message Editor toolbar to preview the communication and the link.