Embedding a Forward to a Friend link in an HTML template or snippet

Use the custom <UAEf2f> tag to embed a Forward to a Friend link in an HTML template or snippet. The tag is not case-sensitive.


  1. Open an HTML email template or HTML snippet in a text or HTML editor.
  2. Place the tag where you want the link to appear in the message.
  3. Enter the tag in one of the following formats.
    • To display a text link: <UAEf2f><a href="F2F">text</a></UAEf2f>
    • To display the link as an image, using an image that is stored outside of the Content Library: <UAEf2f><a href="F2F">URL to the external image</a></UAEf2f>

      For example: <UAEf2f><a href="F2F"><img src="http://www.example.com/images/image1" alt="Forward" title="Forward this message."/></a></UAEf2f>

    You cannot embed a Forward to a Friend link that uses an asset in the Content Library.

    Note: The value of the href value for the anchor tag <a> is a placeholder. When you publish the communication, the system replaces the value with an internal link to the hosted submission page.
  4. To configure the Forward to a Friend differently than the format specified in the communication template, specify HTML attributes in the <UAEf2f> tag. Use the style attribute to format the link.

    For example: <UAEf2f><a title="Forward to a friend!" target="_blank" style="display:block; width:250px; height:55px; background:blue; padding:10px; text-align:center; border-radius:15/25px; color:white; font-weight:bold;" href="F2F"> Send this message to your friends!</a></UAEf2f>

  5. Click OK to add the link to the communication.

What to do next

Click Preview Preview in the Message Editor toolbar to see how the Forward to a Friend link appears in an email message.