Creating submission and confirmation pages that display in multiple languages

If the mailing delivers email in multiple languages, you can create submission and confirmation forms in the corresponding languages. Use the ability of the Message Editor to manage dynamic content to create the required language variations.

About this task

To support Forward to a Friend links in multiple languages, you create multiple versions of the submission and confirmation pages and define them as variations to support dynamic content.

Using dynamic content to support multiple languages depends on the value of a personalization field to indicate the preferred language of the message recipient. When used to control content variation, the personalization field is called the variation field.

The variation field must be an OLT personalization field. The field must be defined in the recipient list (OLT) that is associated with the mailing that is used to transmit the email that you want recipients to forward. Your marketing database must define the preferred language for each recipient. Update the personalization field configuration to include the required variation value for each language. The variation values must appear exactly as they appear in the marketing database.

Use the same variation field in the message, the submission form, and confirmation page. Before you begin, determine which personalization field to use as the language variation field and create translations to match the personalization field values that you expect in the target audience.

For example, you might define a personalization field that is named Locale that specifies the preferred language of email recipients. Add the personalization field to the Output List Table (OLT) that defines the list of message recipients. Reference the OLT to the mailing that you plan to use to send the email that contains the Forward to a Friend link. Create multiple versions of the message, submission form, and confirmation page that correspond to the different language preferences in the OLT that is referenced in the mailing.

To prepare multiple translations of the submission and confirmation pages, copy the content of the default pages in English. Create multiple translations as separate HTML snippets and upload them to the Content Library.


  1. In the Content Library, open the Forward to a Friend Contents (BUILTIN) folder.
  2. Open Forward to a Friend Form (BUILTIN) or Forward to a Friend Confirmation (BUILTIN) for editing.
  3. Select Dynamic content.
  4. Select a variation field. The drop-down list displays only personalization fields for which multiple values are configured.
  5. Define content variations. A blank variation displays by default. Click Add variation Add variation to create new variations. For each content variation, define a field value and associate a file.
    • Double-click in the Field Value column. Enter or select a variation field value. The drop-down list contains the list of values that are defined as properties of the personalization field that is specified as the variation field.
    • Browse to the translated HTML file that you want to associate with the variation field value.
    Note: Previews of the uploaded asset are available only after you save.
  6. Select a default variation. The default content displays if the personalization characteristics for the email recipient do not match the variation value for any of the other variations. The default variation always moves to the top of the list of variations.
  7. Click Save Changes Save changes.