Adding a Forward to a Friend link to email messages

You can add Forward to a Friend links to any zone in an email communication, embed the link in the HTML template, or add the link to an HTML snippet that you add to the message. The Forward to a Friend link appears as a trackable link in the email message. You can configure how the link appears in the email and how the link opens when the recipient clicks the link. You can also edit the form that email recipients use to forward the message and the confirmation page that displays when the system accepts the forwarding addresses.

About this task

The Forward to a Friend feature is available only by request. You must contact Unica Deliver services via HCL technical support team. to enable Forward to a Friend for your hosted messaging account.

When you publish the email communication that contains a Forward to a Friend link, Deliver automatically creates a hosted landing page form where the email recipient can enter up to 5 email forwarding addresses. A second hosted landing page serves as a confirmation page that displays to acknowledge receipt of the form. You can modify the default submission form and confirmation page, including creating multiple translations of the form and confirmation page if your target audience contains multiple locales.

When you add a Forward to a Friend link to an email message, you must complete the following tasks.

Task More information

Configure a Forward to a Friend link in an email communication.

Adding a Forward to a Friend link to a zone

Embedding a Forward to a Friend link in an HTML template or snippet

Modify the submission form and confirmation page (optional)

Editing the default submission and confirmation pages

Create multiple versions of the supporting pages for different languages. (optional)

Creating submission and confirmation pages that display in multiple languages