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Unica Deliver v12.1 Documentation
Welcome to the Unica Deliver V12.1 documentation, where you can find information about how to enable, administer, and use Unica Deliver installs and operates with Unica Campaign and with messaging services that are hosted by HCL.
The GDPR has been adopted by the European Union (“EU"). It establishes a stronger data protection regulatory framework for processing of personal data of individuals, impacts HCL and HCL's client contracts, policies and procedures when handling personal data.
Deleting customer data
Before you can use the Deliver utility to generate queries, you must set up the gdpr.properties file and create an input .csv file that contains information for the customers that are to be deleted from the Deliver database.
Unica Deliver is a web-based, enterprise scale marketing message solution that you can use to conduct outbound bulk messaging and transactional messaging campaigns. Deliver integrates with Unica Campaign and with secure message composition, transmission, and tracking resources that are hosted by Unica.
Unica Deliver overview
Unica Deliver is a web-based, enterprise scale marketing message solution that you can use to conduct outbound bulk messaging and transactional messaging campaigns. Deliver integrates with Unica Campaign and with secure message composition, transmission, and tracking resources that are hosted by Unica.
Selecting email recipients
If you install and enable Unica Deliver within Campaign, then you can create a list that defines the recipients for a personalized messaging campaign. The list contains the recipient information that is used to address and personalize each message. You create a recipient list by configuring a Deliver process in a Campaign flowchart.
Creating personalized email and hosted landing pages
Unica Deliver provides message composition and personalization features that you can use to design graphically rich email messages that deliver a marketing message with content that can automatically change to fit the characteristics of the message recipient.
About testing Deliver mailings
Testing a mailing allows you to identify and resolve any problems that might exist with your mailing list, verify how the message will appear to each recipient, and address issues that might interfere with efficient transmission and delivery of your email. For best results, test each Deliver mailing before you use it to send a production mailing.
Methods for sending personalized email
To send personalized email to each member of your target audience, you conduct an Deliver mailing. Deliver provides several different ways to perform a mailing run .
Hosted landing pages for personalized messaging
Landing pages in Deliver are personalized web pages and online forms hosted by Unica that you can link to personalized marketing messages that you send with Deliver. You create and maintain landing pages using the same composition and personalization features that you use to create personalized messages. You can also configure hosted landing pages as online forms to solicit and accept responses from message recipients.
The Deliver Message Editor
Email marketers construct email and landing pages in Unica Deliver in the Deliver Message Editor. Marketers without specific HTML editing experience can create valid, full-featured HTML email and landing pages with the editing and personalization tools in the Message Editor.
Creating email and landing page templates
Email and landing page templates are documents that you create outside of the Deliver Message Editor to define the layout of personalized email, hosted landing pages. The design of the template guides the design of the message. To create personalized email, marketers add content to the template by modifying the template or by using editing tools that are provided in the Message Editor.
Adding images
The Deliver Message Editor provide several ways to insert images into personalized messages. You can add images from the Content Library or add them from external sources when you send each message.
Adding text and text blocks
The Deliver Message Editor provides several ways to add text to personalized messages. You can add text to an email or landing page by adding a text block to a zone in the template or by reference.
Creating hyperlinks
The Deliver Message Editor provides several ways to add links to personalized email messages, and landing pages that are hosted by Unica. Apply link attributes and inline styles to control how the links appear and how the target of the links display. Deliver tracks link clicks and stores the data in the Deliver system tables.
Previewing email and landing pages
Use the Preview feature in the Message Editor to see how a personalized message might appear to message recipients. Preview simulates how personalized parts of the Deliver document used to create the email or landing page might change according to the personal characteristics of each recipient.
Publishing email and landing pages
Publishing the communication in the Deliver Message Editor makes the communication and the resources it contains available for use in a personalized message or landing page. Publishing a communication does not transmit the communication to message recipients or landing page visitors. However, to send a message through Deliver, you must first publish the message in the Message Editor.
Working with personalization fields
Personalization fields provide the means to add recipient-specific information from your marketing database to an email. Personalization fields are also used in rules that control how conditionalized content displays in each personalized email message.
Creating conditional content
Creating conditional content allows you to vary the content that you display to your target audience according to characteristics defined in personalization fields. In Unica Deliver, you can define two types of conditional content. Simple conditional content, which uses personalization fields in personalization rules, and nested conditional content, which uses personalization fields in Deliver advanced scripting for email.
Using advanced scripts in email
Deliver provides a template-based scripting language for creating self-contained scripts that provide a way to personalize content in ways that you cannot easily duplicate in the Deliver Message Editor.
Offers in personalized email
You can add offers that you define in Unica Campaign to personalized email that you create and send through Unica Deliver. Including offers in your marketing email gives you an opportunity to deliver a timely and targeted call to action to your audience. The system collects the offer responses and makes the data available in the Campaign contact and response history for use in Campaign performance reports.
Analyzing your mailing results
Supported JDBC Data Types
Personalization fields must map to marketing database fields that are configured for a data type that Deliver supports.
About domain name options
As part of its email delivery services, Unica operates a unique custom domain name for your email activities. Unica allows its clients to select a unique domain name to maximize email deliverability and to eliminate the risk of sending marketing email that might interfere with corporate email delivery.
Licensing Overview
What User Needs To Do?
HCL Unica customers will get a HCL License portal URL and login credentials via email. This portal will have the license entitlements allotted as per the purchase done by the customer. The customer needs to follow below mentioned steps to complete the registration process and configure the devices for HCL Unica products.
HCL License Portal
The license portal provides both Software distribution and management of your Software entitlements purchased from HCL Products and Platforms. The portal provides you with control and flexibility on how to consume your licenses. Typically, an organization will have someone identified as a License Manager that has familiarity with the language of Licenses, and you may wish to add them as a user. If not, you will find these instructions sufficient to begin using your HCL Software.
Flexnet License Server
License Models Supported with HCL Unica
HCL Unica products supports below license models.
License Configuration
User will need to configure the license with HCL Unica products before start using, when users access the Unica Marketing Platform login URL – it will get redirected to the license configuration page. The user needs to configure the license details on this page. Unica Marketing Platform will validate the license and on a successful license, the configuration user will be redirected to the Unica Marketing Platform login screen. There are two radio buttons on the License configuration screen Flexnet and Platform. Flexnet button will connect to Flexnet to consume the license and Platform option is for Master slave configuration. Slave platform will consume the license from the Master platform, so for slave platform user needs to click on the Platform radio button and enter the master platform url and credentials. Once this is done, slave platform will start consuming license from the Master platform, which in turn will consume license from Flexnet.
Logging for Licensing
Detail logging for license server connection, updates, expiry, etc. is logged in Unica Marketing Platform log file present under <PLATFORM_HOME>/logs/platform.log. Users will get warning, error, and info type messages related to licensing.