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Unica Contact Central Documentation
Welcome to the Unica Contact Central 12.1.2 documentation.
System requirements and compatibility
Unica Contact Central system requirements and compatibility details.
About the product
Unica Contact Central is a centralized tool to configure and maintain regional preferences and communication channels based on regional preferences. In Unica release 12.1.2, Unica Contact Central integrates with Unica Interact and Unica Journey
Known issues
Before you contact HCL technical support
If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve by referring the documentation, your company's designated support contact can log a call with HCL technical support. Use these guidelines to ensure that your problem is resolved efficiently and successfully.
Adding a New User Role to the Administrator
After installing Unica Contact Central, configure the ContactCentralAdmin user role for the administrator user.
Configuring Unica Contact Central
After assigning the ContactCentralAdmin user role, you must configure Contact Central before you start accessing it.
Integration of Unica Contact Central
In the 12.1.2 release, Unica Contact Central integrates with Unica Interact and Unica Journey.
This guide is a reference to the table and column structure, content, and semantics of the database system for Unica Contact Central.
Accessing Unica Contact Central
Contact your Unica administrator to confirm if Contact Central configuration is complete.
Channel Preferences Overview
The Channel Preferences tab lists all the communication channels available for sending marketing communication to customers.
Regional Preferences Overview
Use the Regional Preferences tab to set region-based preferences for sending marketing communications.