Configuring WebLogic for Cloud Native Unica

Your system should have WebLogic installed to use it with Cloud Native Unica. Cloud Native Unica uses the utilities from WebLogic to create a domain for the required Unica component.

About this task

To use WebLogic with Cloud Native Unica, complete the following steps:


  1. For the JAVA_HOME_WEBLOGIC parameter, WebLogic requires Oracle JDK. The value of this setting is the HOME location of the JDK used for the existing WebLogic installation. For example, /docker/unica/jdk18_oracle.
  2. For the WLS_HOME_DIR parameter, provide the home directory of the WebLogic server installation. For example, /docker/unica/oracle_products/middleware/wlse.
  3. For the WLS_DOMAIN_LOCATION parameter, provide the fully qualified path of the directory under which the domains for the products will be created. For example, /docker/unica/wlsdomains.
    CAUTION: The creation of a new pod creates a directory for the domain of that Pod. If you discard a pod, the directory is not deleted automatically. You should delete such directories as they consume a lot of disk space.