Director configurations

To configure Director for Cloud Native Unica, make the necessary modifications to the director-configMap.yaml file.

To access the director-configMap.yaml file, navigate to /unica/templates/ in the Unica charts folder. Open the file and make modifications to the following parameters:

Table 1. Common parameters of Director
Parameter name Parameter description
activemq_enableEvents Valid values are Yes or No.
activemq_url Active MQ URL. For example, tcp://unica-omnix-unica-activemq:61616.
Data_Source_For_ActiveMQ_message_broker_credentials Data source for ACTIVEMQ. For example, ACTIVEMQ_CRED_DS.
data_sources_for_activemq Platform username.
activemq_queueName Flowchart information. For example, campaign.
Table 2. Configuration parameters of Director
Parameter name Parameter description
director_http_port Director server port. The default port is 9128.
director_file_down The download path used to store the downloaded log files from the Campaign server. For example, /docker/unica/Director/Server/Downloads.
director_show_sql Valid values are TRUE or FALSE.
director_accesstoken_validityseconds Director application session timed out token. For example, 10800 seconds.
director_listener_profile_data_days Campaign listener CPU and Memory consumption data retention to 7 Days.
Table 3. Database-related parameters of Director
Parameter name Parameter description
director_db_name Director DB name.
director_datasource_username Director database name or username.
director_datasource_password Director database password.
director_db_host_ip Director database machine host IP address.
director_host_name Director database machine host name.
director_db_port Director database machine port number.
director_datasource_driverClassName Database driver class name.
director_jpa_hibernate Database driver dialect name.
director_ddl_auto Director database mode like create, update, or validate.
director_db_url Director database URL.