Cloud Native Unica upgrade

To upgrade an earlier version of Cloud Native Unica to a newer version, complete the following steps:


  1. Unica support team will roll out the Helm Charts after you specify the offering related details and requirements. Please contact Unica support team to get a Helm chart.
  2. Download the required version image and push it to the Docker registry.
  3. Update the image URLs in the helm charts.
  4. Back up the Database and the file system before you start the upgrade.
  5. Run the following helm upgrade command:
    helm upgrade hcl unica -f ./unica/values-local.yaml --set --set service.applicationDomain='' --set ingress.enabled=true
  6. Add upgrade related parameters in the common-configMap.yaml file when upgrading to version 12.1.4. In case you are upgrading from version to version 12.1.4, there are two more paramters that you must add in the common-configMap.yaml.
  7. Edit the helm chart platform-deployment.yaml. In the file, replace args: ["chmod 755 /docker/unica && ./"] with the following entry:
    args: ["chmod 755 /docker/unica && echo 'find /opt/ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i \"s/export DB_URL=\\$/#export DB_URL=/g\"' > /docker/unica/ && chmod 777 /docker/unica/ && ./"]