You can install Unica using Helm charts. Override the following Helm chart values using --set name=value.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that configMaps in the helm chart are correctly configured.
  • Verify all the configurations and ensure that the mount location does not have any Unica-related installation files.


  1. kubectl apply -f ./omnix-unica/extra-configs/local-pv.yaml
  2. helm install --name nginx stable/nginx-ingress -f ./omnix-unica/extra-configs/nginx-conf.yaml
  3. helm install --name unica -f ./omnix-unica/values-local.yaml omnix-unica --set --set service.applicationDomain='' --set ingress.enabled=true

What to do next

After installation, add the installation related parameters in the commom-configMap.yaml file for version 12.1.3. For more information, see Common configurations.