Question 1

Stopping and Restarting an Application Server

About this task

Sometimes, you might have to stop and restart the application server. For example, if you have modified some settings and these modified settings require restarting the application server.


Before stopping and restarting JBoss, complete the following steps.
  1. Save your work and confirm that all users have logged off.
  2. Locate the running docker container using the command kubectl get pods.
  3. Access the container using the command kubectl exec -it <name of the container> bash.
  4. Locate the running process using the command ps -ef.
  5. Kill the process using the command kill -9. This stops the JBoss server.
  6. Note: Always start the server in the background. If you do not start the server in the background, you cannot access the command prompt till the server starts. If the server takes too long to start, press CTRL+C to terminate the JBoss server.
    To restart the server, access the bin directory of JBoss and start the server by running the command in the background.
  7. To exit the docker container, press CTRL+D.