Jboss clustering guidelines

For Installing Unica Campaign on Jboss cluster refer (Unica Campaign web application clustering).

Preparing the data sources

You will need to add/create JNDI in the same JBOSS domain which you are planning to use in cluster. Please follow below steps to create JNDI.

  • Add required database modules in JBOSS. For example, oracle database -
    jboss-cli.bat --connect --controller=JBOSS_DOMAIN_MASTER:MASTER_PORT --
    commands="module add --name= oracle.jdbc --resources=<Database_Driver_Path\ojdbc8.jar> --
  • JNDI’s can be added by modifying domain.xml of both master and slave.

Deployment steps

In addition to the instructions in the deployment chapter (Deploying Unica Campaign on JBoss Application Server), complete the following tasks:

  1. Launch JBOSS management console.
  2. Navigate to “Deployments" tab. Select the ServerGroup.
  3. Click on Add button under Deployments section
  4. A pop up will be shown, browse the application WAR/EAR and complete the deployment process.

Tomcat Clustering Guidelines

For Installing Unica Campaign on Tomcat cluster refer (Unica Campaign web application clustering).

Note: EAR file is not supported for Tomcat cluster.

For Deployment Steps, you can refer (Deploying Unica Campaign on Tomcat Application Server)

Post deployment, JNDI name should be prefixed with "java:/comp/env/" for example: campaignPartition1DS should be mentioned as "java:/comp/env/campaignPartition1DS" while creating Unica Campaign UA_SYSTEM_TABLE Data Source.

Configure a load Balancer like nginx for redirecting request to all the nodes of Tomcat cluster.