Exporting profile data

After you profile a field, you can export the profile data to a comma-separated values (CSV) text file.


  1. Profile a field while configuring a process in a flowchart.
  2. In the Profile selected field dialog, click Export.
    Note: The Export button is available only when profiling is finished.
    The Export report data dialog opens.
  3. Enter a file name in the File name field or accept the default value. Do not specify a path or extension. The extension .csv will be used when the file is created.
  4. (Optional) Select Include column labels if you want to include column headers in the file to identify each field.
  5. Click Export. If this button is disabled, you must enter a file name first.
  6. Use the resulting dialog box to open or save the .csv file.
  7. If you save the file, you are prompted for a location. You can also change the file name at that time.

What to do next

You can open the CSV file in any text editor. If you open the file in Microsoft Excel, your Excel settings determine how the data is displayed. For example, Excel might interpret a range value, such as "1-5", as a date (January 5).