Changing the maximum number of profile segments

When you profile fields in flowchart process boxes, Unica Campaign automatically creates up to a maximum number of 25 segments. You can change this value for the current flowchart session.

About this task

When you use the Profile option in a process configuration dialog, you can specify the maximum number of segments to generate when previewing field values. The new value is used by all process boxes in the current flowchart. However, the value applies only to the current flowchart and session. When you open another flowchart or close and then reopen the same flowchart, the value reverts to the default value of 25.


  1. Open any process configuration dialog in which the Profile option is available.
  2. Select a field for profiling and click Profile.
  3. In the Profile selected field dialog, click Options.
  4. In the Profiling options dialog, enter a new value in the Number of segments field to indicate the maximum number of segments into which you want the field values grouped.


The profile is recomputed with the new value. If the number of distinct values in the field exceeds the maximum allowed number of segments, the profile groups the values together into equal sized segments to avoid exceeding the maximum number of segments.