Restricting input for profiling

When Unica Campaign profiles a field, it creates only the segments that are available in the input to the process where you are performing profiling.

For example, if you restrict input to the Segment process, and you profile a field based on the restricted input, the profile displays only the segments that were available in the restricted input.

Consider this example:

  1. You configure a Select process that does a query that returns only 354 records.
  2. You use that Select process as input to a Segment process.
  3. In the Segment process configuration dialog, you use the Profile feature to see which values are available in various fields.
  4. The selection that you make in the Input list of the Profile selected field dialog determines how many records are profiled. The incoming Select box is selected as the Input by default, Unica Campaign profiles only the records that were selected by incoming Select process. If the Select process query resulted in only 354 records, Unica Campaign profiles only those records. If you choose None, Unica Campaign profiles all of the records.and the first bullet point of the Note that follows to:
  • For the Extract process, you must select the input cell to which the extract table is associated to profile the extracted fields because the extracted fields are attached to the inbound cell. First incoming input to the Extract process is selected by default. You can choose None only for single input cell. For multiple input cells, you must select the input cell to which the extract table is associated.
  • In the right panel of the Select Process Configuration window, even if you select multiple condition values in the value field, only one value would be displayed in the grid. This is because, you may have to perform a double-click to complete the action and double-click works only on a single value at a time. Hence multiple values will not be displayed in the grid.