Profiling field values by meta type

Profiling by meta type affects how data is sorted when you profile a field in a process configuration dialog. You can sort field values for data types such as dates, money, and other numeric data.


  1. Open any process configuration dialog in which the Profile option is available.
  2. Select a field for profiling or click Profile.
  3. In the Profile selected field dialog, click Options.

    The Profiling options dialog opens and Profile by meta type is enabled by default, so field values that represent dates, money, telephone numbers, and similar data types are correctly sorted and binned. For example, dates are sorted as dates, not as numeric values. If you disable this option, the values are sorted as ASCII text.

    The following example shows how this setting affects a date field. Meta type profiling recognizes that the data type is Date and sorts the dates accordingly.

    Profile by meta type enabled

    (sorted by date)

    Profile by meta type disabled

    (sorted numerically)

    25-DEC-2014 20-FEB-2015
    20-FEB-2015 20-MAR-2015
    20-MAR-2015 25-DEC-2014