How queries are evaluated in Unica Campaign processes

Queries in Unica Campaign processes are evaluated left to right using mathematical rules.

For example, the following statement:

[UserVar.1] < PDF < [UserVar.2]

is evaluated as:

([UserVar.1] < PDF) < [UserVar.2]

That is, the first part of the statement ([UserVar.1] < PDF) is evaluated as true or false (1 or 0), and the result is passed to the second statement:

[1 | 0 ] < [UserVar.2]

For the example to be evaluated as PDF greater than [UserVar.1] and less than [UserVar.2], you would need to construct the following query:

[UserVar.1] < PDF AND PDF < [UserVar.2]

This statement is equivalent to the following:

([UserVar.1] < PDF) AND (PDF < [UserVar.2])