Cell Waterfall report: Analyzing cell waterfall in downstream processes

Use the Cell Waterfall report to see how many individuals are removed with each downstream process in your flowchart. The report provides information about the output of each data manipulation process, so you can see how each subsequent process affects your selections. You can then refine target counts based on viewing the falloff that is incurred by each successive criteria.

About this task

By analyzing the falloff of audience members as cells are processed, you can refine your selections and identify possible errors. You can also confirm that each process is producing the output that you expect. For example, you can see how many IDs are initially selected, then see what happens when you use a Merge process on those results. In this way, you can see the falloff that is incurred by each successive criteria. If your flowchart is complex and contains multiple processing paths, you can select which path you want to analyze.


  1. Open a flowchart in Edit mode.
  2. Click Reports in the flowchart window toolbar.
  3. Select Cell Waterfall from the Report to view list.
  4. Select the cell that you want to analyze from the Cell list.
  5. If the cell is connected to multiple downstream processes, use the Path list to indicate which path in the flowchart that you want to analyze.