Cell List report: Displaying information about all cells in a flowchart

Use the Cell List report to obtain information about all of the cells that are in the current flowchart. The report provides information about any processes that were run.


  1. Open a flowchart in Edit mode.
  2. Click Reports in the toolbar.

    The Cell specific reports window opens. Each cell in the flowchart corresponds to a row in the report.

    The Cell List report is selected by default in the Report to view list. This report shows data from the last run of the flowchart. The Status column indicates the type of flowchart run, such as a test or production run.

  3. To sort the display, click a column header in the report.
  4. To change the display, click Options in the dialog toolbar and select one of the following options:
    • Tree view: View the flowchart cells in a folder hierarchy. The levels represent the levels and relationships in the flowchart. Expand or collapse each level to show or hide the items below it.

      If the flowchart contains Merge processes, they are color coded throughout the report. For example, Merge1 is red and Merge2 is blue. The child and parent cells of each Merge process are also color coded, so you can easily identify them no matter how the list is sorted. For example, if Merge1 is red, the Cell ID field is red for all of the Merge1 child processes and parent processes.

    • Table view: View the flowchart cells in a table format (default).