Implementing Send Time Optimization in Unica Campaign

There are many ways to implement Campaigns and mailings. One way is as follows:

About this task


  1. Create a user data source that maps to the Campaign system database.
  2. Create a new audience level of type Text for Email ID.
  3. Create a Flowchart to save a preferred hour for each email audience in a user table.
    1. Map UARE_RECIPIENT_HOUR view as the base table and select Audience level as per Step 2.
    2. Configure flowchart as Select PB > Snapshot PB.
    3. Select UARE_RECIPIENT_HOUR view in Select PB.
    4. Create a Snapshot table to save data in a user table, where the customer database resides for all Deliver Campaigns.
      The table name is EMAIL_PREFERRED_HOUR.
  4. Schedule the Flowchart to update the table. The preferred frequency is monthly.
  5. Use this table as a dimension table to the main user table (the user table using this OLT will be populated).
    This provides information to the Campaign Flowchart, or Mailing, about the best hour to contact each recipient.
  6. In the Deliver mailing Flowchart, create a segment for each hour of the 24 hours to generate an OLT for each hour. For example, configure flowchart as 'Select PB > Segment PB > Deliver PB1 | Deliver PB2 | …. Deliver PBN > .
    Take input of the base user table, to which the EMAIL_PREFERRED_HOUR dimension is mapped, in select PB. Use the following sample queries in Segment PB for the different hours you need:
    • For best hour between 1 to 5:
      dbo_main_user_table.dbo_EMAIL_PREFERRED_HOUR.FIRST_VIEW_HR  Between  1 AND  5
    • For best hour from 6 to 11:
      dbo_main_user_table.dbo_EMAIL_PREFERRED_HOUR.FIRST_VIEW_HR  Between  6 AND  11


This creates a separate OLT to configure mailings for each day hour.