Derived fields

Derived fields are variables that do not exist in a data source and are created from one or more existing fields, even across different data sources.

In many processes, the configuration window includes a Derived fields button that you can use to create a new variable for querying, segmenting, sorting, calculating, or providing output to a table.

You can make derived fields that you create explicitly available to a subsequent process by enabling the Make persistent option when you create it.

Derived fields that are available to a process are listed in the Derived fields folder. Derived fields are available only for the process in which they were created. If you have not created any derived fields in a process, no Derived fields folder appears in the list.

To use a derived field in another non-subsequent process, store the derived field expression in the Stored derived fields list so it is available for all processes and all flowcharts.

Note: Do not use a Unica Campaign Generated Field (UCGF) in a Mail List derived field unless the generated field is constant. Unica Campaign assumes constant values for generated fields and does not re-calculate them for records in the result set. Therefore, you may see blank or incorrect results from derived fields that call a generated field that changes value. Instead of using a derived field, output the necessary generated field directly into your Mail List fulfillment table or file. Then read that table or file back into Unica Campaign as a Select and use a Snapshot process to manipulate a new fulfillment table or file using data from the old one.