Security in Unica Campaign

Security policies control user access to the objects and features in Unica Campaign.

Administrators use the Unica Platform security interface to configure the user accounts, group memberships, roles, and permissions required for users to access Unica Campaign.

Security terms

The following terms are used in discussing Unica Campaign security roles and policies.

Security policy
A set of roles that defines security for folders and objects in Unica Campaign.
A set of permissions within a security policy that defines application access for users. Roles are typically aligned with job functions such as Administer, Review, Design, Execute.
The access assigned to a role: Granted, Denied, or Not Granted.
Application access
The set of actions that a user is allowed to perform within Unica Campaign.
An account that allows an individual user to log in to Campaign. Accounts are managed in Unica Platform.
A collection of user accounts that have the same application access needs.
Items that users can create within Unica Campaign. Examples of objects are campaigns, offers, and templates.