Assigning offers to cells in a target cell spreadsheet

Some organizations create target cells and assign offers in a target cell spreadsheet. Then, another person creates a flowchart to select customers to receive the offers. Follow these instructions if you are using a target cell spreadsheet to assign offers.

About this task


  1. Open a campaign and click the Target cells tab to open the target cell spreadsheet for the campaign.
  2. Click Edit in the toolbar.
    The target cell spreadsheet opens in edit mode and any existing cells that are used in flowcharts are highlighted in color.
  3. In the Assigned offer(s) cell for the target cell where you want to assign an offer, click the Assign offers icon Price tag and plus sign in the cell where you want to assign offers.
  4. In the Select offer(s) window, locate and select one or more offers or offer lists or click the Search tab to find an offer by name, description, owner, or code.
  5. After you select the offers that you want to assign to the current cell, click Accept and close.

    The Select offer(s) window closes, and the Assigned offer(s) column is populated with your selected offers.

  6. Click Save or Save and exit.