Supported listener clustering configurations

This topic pertains to a clustered listener configuration.

Prerequisites and requirements for Unica Campaign listener cluster configurations:

  • There can be only one listener per physical host machine.
  • All back-end machines for clustered listeners must be running the same operating system type.
  • All back-end machines for clustered listeners must have the same version of Unica Campaign installed.
  • The shared network location (campaignSharedHome) must be in place and must be accessible from each physical host machine on which you plan to install a listener node. You must set this up prior to installing the listener nodes.
  • listenerType --Campaign Listener when installed in cluster mode, ListenerType plays an important role to decide which listener should execute Campaign flowcharts or Optimize session or both.
    • ListenerType - 1 - Run only Campaign flowcharts
    • ListenerType - 2 - Run only Optimize sessions
    • ListenerType - 3 - Run Campaign flowchart and Optimize session

    These listenertypes are set based on the option selected while installing Campaign listener. Users can switch between these values at any time and restart the application to reflect this.