Viewing two flowcharts side-by-side

Some Unica Campaign designers prefer to view two flowcharts side-by-side when developing new flowcharts. When using Internet Explorer, you must use File > New Session to open additional browser windows.

About this task

Do not use any other method to open multiple browser sessions. For example, do not use a new tab; do not open another browser session from the Start menu; and do not use File > New Window. Using these methods can confuse or corrupt information that is displayed in Unica Campaign.
Note: When using the method below, you cannot copy processes from one flowchart to another. To copy configured processes across flowcharts, use the template library options available on the right-click command menu, as explained in Copying processes between flowcharts.


  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Log in to the Unica Suite and navigate to a Unica Campaign flowchart in view mode only.
  3. In the browser window that you opened in Step 1, select File > New Session in the Internet Explorer menu bar.

    A new Internet Explorer instance opens.

  4. In the new browser window, log in to the Unica suite as the same or a different user, and navigate to a Unica Campaign flowchart in view mode only.
    Remember: You must disable any pop-up blockers in your browser or browser add-ons, such as toolbars. Pop-up blockers prevent the flowchart window from opening.