Hive query language conformance

The following guidelines apply when Unica Campaign is integrated with Hive-based big data sources.

Apache Hive has its own query language called HiveQL (or HQL). While based on SQL, HiveQL does not strictly follow the full SQL-92 standard. HiveQL offers extensions not in SQL, including multitable inserts and create table as select, but only offers basic support for indexes. Also, HiveQL lacks support for transactions and materialized views, and only limited subquery support.

Therefore, the following guidelines apply when using Hive-based big data sources with Unica Campaign:

  • The SQL must conform with HiveQL.
  • If you are writing raw SQL queries for use in Unica Campaign, confirm that the queries work on Hive.
  • Using multiple SQL statements for raw SQL queries is not supported.
  • You might need to modify existing queries for Hive if you are using raw SQL in Unica Campaign process boxes, custom macros, or derived fields, for pre- and post-processing.