Date scope for response tracking

In addition to recording whether responses were made within the valid offer time period (that is, after the effective date and on or before the expiration date), response tracking also records whether the response was outside a valid date range for all offers. Unica Campaign tracks late responses for all offers based on a configurable time period after an offer's expiration date to provide data on how often your offers are redeemed after their official end dates.

The date scope for response tracking in Unica Campaign is set globally, and is applied to all campaign offers. Your system administrator sets the number of days past the offer expiration date that responses will be tracked.

This date setting automatically limits the possible treatment instances that can match an event. The smaller the date scope, the more performance is improved because fewer instances from the treatment table are returned for possible matches.

For details about setting the date scope, see "Setting the number of days after a campaign ends to record responses" in the Unica Campaign Adminstrator's Guide.